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March 30, 2010


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I love the irony intrinsic to our faith. Fantastic connection, DP!

Great hearing from you Baldman!
"the irony intrinsic to our faith" -- well put and so true.


What I keep finding myself musing is whether we are to understand the crowds welcoming Jesus on Palm Sunday to be composed of the same people as those on Good Friday ... the text doesn't seem to demand either even if our tradition of interpretation identifies the crowds with one another. Our interpretive tradition also has us contemplating a donkey at the 'stable' for Christ's birth ...

That's a great point, Andii. You're right about our interpretation about the crowd -- Jerusalem was a big place. lots of people. some of those folks may have been in both places. Perhaps it is guilt by association?
Nonetheless "a" group from the greater Jerusalem area did shout Hosanna, and "a" group from the greater Jerusalem area did shout "crucify him".

It's great hearing from you, by the way. How have you been? I'll have to generate a future post to talk about the "donkey" issue you've raised. :D


Of course it could be the same donkey at the stable and the entry to Jerusalem! (It's still April 1st here).

Thanks for the re-welcome! I'm okay: lots of changes in three years, one minor tragedy and ... well, this probably isn't the forum to go into it all...

lol! Indeed, Andii!
If you would, email me - I'd enjoy hearing more about what's going on, and be able to pray in a more focused way for you.

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