Genuine Transformation
A Call to Be Different This Election

For Many Young Adults, True Change May Be In the Past

Young adults at the altarIt seems that posts like this one are becoming more commonplace of late.  Why? Because a generation of young adults who left the church years ago, are returning -- as as they do -- they're looking for something different than they had left. The sentiments that Andrea Palpant Dilley has written about may not be true for all young adults, but certainly are true for many -- especially those who plenty sharp enough to recognize how today's popular evangelical churches have bowed too long to the idol of being "relevant" -- so long, that they've lost their sense of weight, substance, and significance.  

For a number of reasons, young adults who are returning to the church after years of absence, end up in churches far more traditional, historical, and even liturgical than they attended before.  They want a faith with roots, with longevity, with a history that hasn't sold itself out to the whims and fads of our ever-changing culture.   As this trend continues, what is it saying to the church as a whole? What is it saying to you and I?


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