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February 01, 2008


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Great talk. I especially like the point she makes about Christianity becoming "instinctual". Just as a martial arts move is only effective when it becomes an unthinking act,a product of muscle memory, so prayer and the Christian life should be instinctual.


"Instintual" - yes. Why does it all now seem so common-sensical?

Do you think in coming years/decades we'll see a rise in distinguishing between "practicing" and "non-practicing" Christians?



is it just me, but when I play the mp3, the voice is weird, like if it was played a lot too slow. I'm on Mac Leopard.

"Do you think in coming years/decades we'll see a rise in distinguishing between "practicing" and "non-practicing" Christians?"

Truly insightful and thought provoking question. I suppose we have to ask "practicing what"? I think part of the problem is that there are so many interpretations as to what the essentials are. some will opt to be "missional communities" that value communication and community over structure and "holy habits". There are others who are returning to the shape of historic Christian faith. In the context of this conversation I suppose I would say "yes. We will see many return to practicing traditional Christianity, and others practicing something else. I am not even sure I would call it Christianity. Only because I think it is precisely these Christian disciplines and rituals that truly make a Christian (assuming they have been born from above).

Email them directly. That's what I did. The voice from the link above was garbled up on my Mac and my PC.
The talk was powerful. I've been saying this all along about the younger people. I think most have had enough of the contemporary services and five step messages. Most younger people are longing for a pastor to simply open up the Word and talk about Christ. A powerful and meaningful liturgy will draw people to Him, not a service which resembles a weekly psychology class.
This was one of the best videos I've seen.

Phil, Larry, all...

Sorry about the problem with the mp3. I've been on vacation and unable to fix until now.

I've uploaded a new version of the audio file which seems to work fine now.



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